Focus on Testimonials

Testimonial – Writing so much fun to promote!

I personally enjoyed today’s blog post, Jason. Makes it so much fun to promote! Well done. And I loved learning about the background of a Webtech Wireless employee. You just never know what people do when they aren’t at work! 🙂 I appreciate the personal touches you’ve been using on the blog recently.

—Carrie G. Koens, Weaving Influence Social Marketing (third-party provider to Webtech Wireless)

Testimonial – Impeccable timing

The timing was impeccable for this well-written article. I used it at  my meeting—and it generated a lot of questions. Great Work Jason.

—Mary Cecilia MacPhee, Senior Inside Account Manager,
Webtech Wireless

Testimonial – Course was fresh, broad, and instantly beneficial

Jason’s Writing for the Web course was fresh, broad, and instantly beneficial. Thanks to the social media, blogging, SEO, and marketing techniques I acquired in his course, I was hired as a coordinated web content coordinator for Live to Play Sports (formerly Norco Products Ltd.). My manager counts on me to build a business-to-business and business-to-consumer online presence for the re-launched company, and I have Jason to thank for the Web skills I now use everyday.

—Ulrike, Technical Writing Student, BCIT
(Now Integrated Web Content Coordinator and Brands Liaison at Live to Play Sports)

Testimonial – People Like You Help Make A Difference

The article is so well-written, thoughtful and I cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate your attention. For a locally owned and operated establishment like ours, people like you help make a difference.

—Shannon Pratuch, PR & Marketing, Jupiter Hotel, Portland Ore.

Testimonial – Going above and beyond

You are really going above and beyond on the blog posts! Jason, really enjoyed your post today about Ottawa. In my experience, people are more apt to click through a link with a fun picture – so well done. Thanks for making my job easier (and more fun)!

—C.G.Koens, Implementation Specialist & Editor, Weaving Influence
(third-party provider to Webtech Wireless)

Testimonial – Well written, great work!

I have read all of the case studies and blogs and have to say they are well written and speak a great message. I like the one on hunger too. Great Work!

—Mary Cecilia MacPhee, Senior Account Manager, Webtech Wireless

Testimonial – Making a difference

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your instruction and guidance in class.
Having teachers who have a passion for what they teach makes the difference.

—Joe Coll, Technical Writing Student, BCIT
(Now Technical Writer at Ballard Power)

Testimonial – Award winning writing

We have been making great software, but now with this award, we can call it award-winning software.

—Scott Edmonds, CEO and President, Webtech Wireless

Testimonial – Personable, expert, creative

I felt challenged in Jason’s class and I credit him with helping me to develop the level of organization and precision I needed to succeed as a technical writer. He is an inspiring educator, and I look forward to encountering him in future courses.

—Helen Dudley, Technical Writing Student, BCIT
(now Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant at WorkSafeBC)

Testimonial – Clear and engaging style

Jason’s clear and engaging style carries over from his writing into his instruction. He happily goes out of his way to ensure participation and understanding.

Pritpaul Bains, Technical Writing Student, BCIT
(now Marketing Technology & Operations Manager at Macmillan Publishers, New York City