Good design is measurable

Even good writing can be difficult to understand if it’s not well structured and organized to meet user needs.

Call it narrative, but even modern readers (those who tend to jump about looking for information) need technical content to follow a logical development that emphasizes what’s important while providing navigational clues to related information.

By organizing your technical material in a structured and logical manner, your clients will better understand your products and services.

Sample docs


Services I provide:

  • Structural planning (information architecture)
  • Template design (Word, InDesign, Framemaker)
  • Graphic standards and more

Yesterday, our inter-provincial customer complimented the product Document Suite. Not only are they starting to realise what a powerful set of documents it is for them, but they also said it presented a really professional image for our product — in fact, they asked if our actual product was as mature as we’re making it look. Great work!

—Jon Chapman CEng PMP
Project Manager, BCLC