Focus on BCIT

Testimonial – A most enjoyable class

Thank you again for teaching a most enjoyable class, I feel like I definitely learned numerous useful writing skills. Hopefully I might be in one of your classes in the future.

—Sara, Technical Writing Student, BCIT

Testimonial – Good jump start

I just wanted to say thanks for being a good teacher. These classes have been great primers for the rest of my education. So thanks for your positive attitude and good jump start.

—Alex, Technical Writing Student, BCIT

Testimonial – Your class has taken my writing up a few notches

Thanks for the class. It has taken my writing up a few notches and has given me confidence that I can move from creative to technical writing.

—Verna, Technical Writing Student, BCIT

Testimonial – All good things must come to an end

When COMM 1008 culminated on August 10, I was reminded of the adage, ‘All good things must come to an end.’ It was a wonderful experience listening to your classes from my last bench. I could proudly say that we have had precious evening hours during COMM1007 and 1008 getting to know the techniques of technical writing and editing. I look forward to working with you in the technical writing world in the near future.

—Shanthini, Technical Writing Student, BCIT

Testimonial – Words of wisdom on proposal writing

I appreciate the words of wisdom Jason shared in class about persevering and being open to all kinds of writing as a technical writer. Those words were valuable when I began my technical writing role as part of a sales team. It involves a lot of proposal writing, which walks a nice line between informative and persuasive writing. I’m using my strengths, but expanding the scope of my writing skills as well.

—Deborah Hazebroek,Technical Writing Student, BCIT
(now Technical Writer at ENBALA Power Networks Inc.)

Testimonial – Course was fresh, broad, and instantly beneficial

Jason’s Writing for the Web course was fresh, broad, and instantly beneficial. Thanks to the social media, blogging, SEO, and marketing techniques I acquired in his course, I was hired as a coordinated web content coordinator for Live to Play Sports (formerly Norco Products Ltd.). My manager counts on me to build a business-to-business and business-to-consumer online presence for the re-launched company, and I have Jason to thank for the Web skills I now use everyday.

—Ulrike, Technical Writing Student, BCIT
(Now Integrated Web Content Coordinator and Brands Liaison at Live to Play Sports)

Testimonial – Making a difference

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your instruction and guidance in class.
Having teachers who have a passion for what they teach makes the difference.

—Joe Coll, Technical Writing Student, BCIT
(Now Technical Writer at Ballard Power)

Testimonial – Personable, expert, creative

I felt challenged in Jason’s class and I credit him with helping me to develop the level of organization and precision I needed to succeed as a technical writer. He is an inspiring educator, and I look forward to encountering him in future courses.

—Helen Dudley, Technical Writing Student, BCIT
(now Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant at WorkSafeBC)

Testimonial – Clear and engaging style

Jason’s clear and engaging style carries over from his writing into his instruction. He happily goes out of his way to ensure participation and understanding.

Pritpaul Bains, Technical Writing Student, BCIT
(now Marketing Technology & Operations Manager at Macmillan Publishers, New York City

Testimonial – a great and challenging class

Thank you for a great and challenging class. I am sad that I will be missing your instruction for the Technical Editing class. It has just been posted that there are two instructors. They have big shoes to fill—that must be why it takes two!

—Ann, Technical Writing Student, BCIT