Welcome to my new music site. It’s currently under construction (honest, it’s 30 August, 2018 when I wrote this). I’m reviewing music and writing content on my technical writing site (jasonhall.ca) and moving some here where it will be more appropriate. Some is already moved, so … enjoy.



Listen to some of my favourite solo music for the tárogató, which I recorded over the last couple of years.


VSO Audience Celebrates 100 Years of Standing Ovations

A number of years ago, I attended a touring performance of the St. Petersburg Symphony at the Théâtre des Clamps-Élysées in Paris, and what struck me most was the audience. Accustomed as I was here in Vancouver to a steady diet of competent yet unremarkable performances followed by overwhelmingly enthusiastic standing ovations, I was stunned …

How I Spent My Summer Holidays (and other terrible misfortunes)

This summer, I attended a couple of music festivals State-side. The first was the Lake Placid Chamber Music Institute Seminar, a week-long string seminar with yours truly in the role of “token wind player”. The second, Balkanalia, was a celebration of music and dancing from the Balkan countries (where I also got to play my …

Convect Your Way to Success

At the turn of the twentieth century, there were two theories bandied about to explain the curious matching of coastlines, most notably the near-perfect spooning of South America into Africa. One theory put forward was that Earth must have been much smaller in the past and then expanded—like a balloon—forcing the coastlines apart. The other …

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