Focus on Instruction

The Future of the Book

With touchscreen technology poised to become a ubiquitous part of our lives, the future of the book is likely to change dramatically as well.

From – “Software developer Mike Matas demos the first full-length interactive book for the iPad — with clever, swipeable video and graphics and some very cool data visualizations to play with. The book is Our Choice, Al Gore’s sequel to ‘An Inconvenient Truth’.”

Testimonial – “well regarded by the students”

Allow me to introduce Jason Hall. He is a fellow instructor with BCIT’s Technical Writing Certification program, teaches on a variety of subjects, and is quite well regarded by the students.

—Steve Bain, Technical Writing Instructor, BCIT

Testimonial – Industry experience helps

Throughout both COMM 1007 – Technical Writing Style and COMM 1008 – Technical Editing and Grammar classes, Jason stressed the importance of learning industry standard software used in technical writing. The amusing visuals he used and his approachable manner helped to make the classes very engaging. And his frequent anecdotes about experience in the industry helped me understand something about the real work of a technical writer.

—James, Technical Writing Student, BCIT

Client of Frances Carere, Business Development Manager, CDI Education

Thank you for providing [us] with Jason Hall’s services during their migration; the project is officially over. During the sign-off interview, [our IT Manager] said she was extremely satisfied with the work Jason did. (Despite me giving you such short notice!) [She] was particularly impressed with Jason’s ability to quickly resolve their logo migration issue. This would have been a huge problem for them to resolve but Jason did it within a day.

Thanks again for pulling the rabbit out of the hat. I look forward to working with you again.