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Testimonial – Incredibly thoughtful and detail-oriented

Jason is an incredibly thoughtful and detail-oriented writer and communicator. I’ve worked with him for a few years and have found that not only is his work impressive but he’s a great person to have on a team. His strengths are not just in writing but in public speaking as well. At a recent editorial meeting, he gave a really inspiring speech about writing and putting soul into a story. It was very powerful and moving.

—Jenny Uechi, Managing Editor, The Vancouver Observer

Testimonial – People Like You Help Make A Difference

The article is so well-written, thoughtful and I cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate your attention. For a locally owned and operated establishment like ours, people like you help make a difference.

—Shannon Pratuch, PR & Marketing, Jupiter Hotel, Portland Ore.

Testimonial –

You’ve outdone yourself. Tears of joy in my eyes…I love this story. Really beautiful and quirky and unexpected. It’s a huge story on the front page right now.

—Linda Solomon, Managing Editor, The Vancouver Observer