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Brad Teeter, journalist, Georgia Straight

Wonderfully written piece…the depth of understanding generated a feeling of gratefulness, pleased to be getting the inside story.

Testimonial – Critical polishing greatly improved final report

Working to deadline, Jason provided valuable copy editing and feedback to a key customer report that was over thirty pages long. Jason’s changes provided the critical polishing that greatly improved the impression the prospect received with the final report.

— David Greer, VP of Marketing, Webtech Wireless

David Greer, Business Development Consultant (Webtech Wireless)

Thanks for all of your edits. I accepted them all and then this morning went through your comments one by one. It’s great to have a good editor looking over my shoulder.

Linda Solomon, Managing Editor – The Vancouver Observer

You’ve outdone yourself.  Tears of joy in my eyes.  …  I love this story.  Really beautiful and quirky and unexpected.  It’s a huge story on the front page right now.

BCIT, technical writing student, February 2011

Thank you for a great and challenging class. I am sad that I will be missing your instruction for the Comm 1008. It has just been posted that there are two instructors. They have big shoes to fill—that must be why it takes two!

Steve Bain, Technical Writer and Instructor

Allow me to introduce Jason Hall. He is a fellow instructor with BCIT’s technical writing program and teaches on a variety of subjects and is quite well regarded by the students.

Barry Cogswell, Artist & Sculptor

I also want to thank you for helping to make the process so easy and pleasant. It was great working with you. From the beginning you had a very clear idea of how the site might be designed, but you were also more than willing to listen to my own ideas and suggestions. Throughout I found the complete process, from starting with my initial request to taking delivery of your excellent final design a very positive and enjoyable experience. I assure you I will not hesitate to recommend you to acquaintances and friends who may need the help of a web-site designer.

Thank you again.

Michael Kano, Training Operations Manager

Jason combines profound technical knowledge with creative flair that makes him the Michelangelo of training/user manuals. He upgraded our training materials to a world-class level and streamlined the production process.

Susan Dong, Recruitment Director – BC, S.I. Systems

I had the pleasure of working with Jason on two client projects, where he delivered customized solutions that met their needs and exceeded their expectations.

I would rank Jason in the top 10% of consultants in his area of expertise, not only for his high level of professionalism, but for his commitment to his responsibilities.

Jason is a knowledgeable and dedicated person. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a true professional.

Gary Wagner, PMP, Product Manager

During our working together, Jason confidently led the development and execution to plan, of the end user and internal communications that accompanied regular product software releases.

Jason took strong ownership of the content, direction, and consistency of these communications and delivered consistently to previously agreed-to scope on time, and on more than one occasion, earlier than expected.

A self starter and engaging collaborator, Jason demonstrated the ability to maintain focus on his and his team’s set of deliverables whilst being aware of overarching project milestones during it’s lifecycle.

I would welcome the opportunity to engage Jason again on any future project which would benefit from his creative skill.
March 31, 2010