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C.G.Koens, Implementation Specialist & Editor, Weaving Influence

Ottawa-noel“You all are really going above and beyond on the blog posts! Jason, really enjoyed your post today about Ottawa and I LOVED the picture. In my experience, people are more apt to click through a link with a fun picture – so well done. Thanks for making my job easier (and more fun)!”
—C.G.Koens, Implementation Specialist & Editor, Weaving Influence

Mary Cecilia MacPhee, Senior Account Manager, Webtech Wireless Inc.

“I have read all of the case studies and blogs and have to say they are well written and speak a great message. I like the one re Hunger too. Great Work.”

—Mary Cecilia MacPhee, Senior Account Manager, Webtech Wireless Inc.

Making a Difference

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your instruction and guidance in class.
Having teachers who have a passion for what they teach makes the difference.”

—Joe Coll, Technical Writer, Ballard Power

Endorsement – “Personable, Expert, Creative”

“I felt challenged in Jason’s class and I credit him with helping me to develop the level of organization and precision I needed to succeed as a technical writer. He is an inspiring educator, and I look forward to encountering him in future courses.”

Helen Dudley, BCIT student, February 7, 2012


BCIT endorsement

“Jason’s clear and engaging style carries over from his writing into his instruction. He happily goes out of his way to ensure participation and understanding.”

Pritpaul Bains, technical writing student, BCIT – February 1, 2012

Testimonial – Trevor

“Thank you for your insights and motivation! I have great respect for all your accomplishments and wish you all the best.”

— Trevor, client, December 2011

Tim Lloyd, Portal 80 Multimedia Inc.

“I would like you to meet Jason Hall, the fellow that will be working on the content for the site. We have worked with Jason in the past; as previously mentioned and find that he will be a great addition to the team.”

Endorsement from Jeremy Berkman, Co-Artistic Director, Turning Point Ensemble

Jason is very sensitive to the needs of his clients and—being a musician himself—helped us immensely in crafting our ensemble’s acclaimed web-site. He is easy to brainstorm with and patient in explaining areas of his knowledge with those less familiar. 

October 16, 2011, Jeremy Berkman, Co-Artistic Director, Turning Point Ensemble

A music endorsement

“I’ve had the distinct pleasure and honour of playing music with Jason Hall for much of the past year. Jason’s musicality and unquestionable ability wonderfully combines sensitivity with humour and vitality with compassion.”

—Jason Jones, Musician

Print and Layout acknowledgement

“Hi Jason. Just took a look at the new product (Quadrant) brochure! It looks great!”