Depth in task-based documentation and structured authoring

Jason is a very experienced writer, with depth in task-based documentation and structured authoring. He is responsible, diligent, conscientious, and extremely easy to work with. I enjoyed working on his team very much and would welcome the chance to work with him again.

Jason was an important member of our team during a series of demanding and complicated releases of documentation related to regulatory changes to automobile insurance in BC. In the initial project, Product Reform, Jason joined the team responsible for converting reviewed Word documents into ICBC’s complicated DITA/XML toolset. To do this correctly (which Jason did) required mastery of information mapping and ICBC’s template structure.

For our second project, far less business preparation had been done, and the project itself suffered from a lack of business requirements and product definition. Jason took the bull by the horns and with intensive effort, managed to extract enough information from the SMEs to accomplish a successful release of a viable topic set.

Both projects required that “old” source co-exist with “go-live” source. Jason met the single-sourcing requirement using conditional profiles in DITA/XML.

—Lindsay Burrell, Procedures Analyst/Senior Technical Writer, ICBC